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Taking it back to basics! 

Season 15 tumbling will be all about focusing on those skills that athletes will need for their competition routines! Refining and perfecting skills that could potentially be included in the teams’ routine will be top priority for our tumbling athletes! Once they have perfected those level appropriate skills, the focus will then shift to levelling up their skills! 

Level 1: Basics to Back Walkovers – athletes will be focusing on all level 1 skills, from rolls (both directions) to cartwheels; from front and back walkovers to specialty passes including back extensions and switch leg walkovers! The goal is to build up an athletes’ skill set so they can perform elite level appropriate passes in a competition routine!

Level 2: Handy Dandy Handsprings – athletes will be focusing on learning and perfecting their handsprings, both front and back, as well as developing specialty passes that will include a combination of their current level 1 skills and their newly developed level 2 skills. Athletes in this class will spend time working on their handspring technique and power development in order to help them flawlessly perform elite level appropriate passes in a competition routine! 

Level 3-5: Tuck it to the Top – athletes in this class will be a mix of those learning and working on their tucks (both front and back), as well as more elite athletes working towards building layouts, whips and twisting elements! Once these skills are developed and strengthened, the focus will be on developing standing and running tumbling passes at their individual levels with an end goal of elite level appropriate passes that are flawlessly executed! 

Should you need help placing your athlete in a class, please feel free to email me at tumbling@eastcoastspirit.com and I will gladly help you choose the best fit class for your athletes needs and abilities.

  - Amber, Tumbling director

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