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Alyssa Stephen - Director, Apparel Coordinator, All Star Coach

Alyssa has been involved in cheerleading since 1999. She cheered for Bayside Middle School and then on Simonds High Varsity, where she was a 2 time provincial champion! Alyssa began her coaching career at Bayside Middle School in 2005 and coached there for 5 years before moving into all star cheerleading at ECS. She was a coach of the second Canadian National champion team from ECS with Joy, and was also the coach of the first ever Junior level 2 team in NB to win a grand championship in NB! She is a member of the New Brunswick Junior Cheerleading Association Executive and is also a Faculty Advisor for the cheerleading team at Millidgeville North School where she has been teaching for the past 5 years.  Alyssa earned her Education Degree from UNBSJ in 2011 and enjoys applying her education background to the cheerleading world. She is married to Jason, and hoping to start a family some day! Until then, the cheerleaders at ECS are "her kids", and it shows in everything she does! 

Fun Fact: Joy & Michelle used to judge Alyssa when she was a flyer for her middle school team! Alyssa is also an accomplished singer, and won the Saint John Country Star competition in 2008 ! She has recorded songs, and is a beautiful singer!